Cat’s new home

Earlier today I tried to post another scam warning on my previous site, Catsworld1.  The roboscanner here at WordPress decided it was advertising and suspended my site.  I appealed this decision.  This afternoon they responded to my appeal, told me what the problem had been and that my account had been reinstated. That was at 2:43 this afternoon.  It is now 6:25 and my account still shows as “suspended”.  I’ve cleaned the browser’s cache and everything else.  I even tried logging on with my laptop and a different browser, but it still shows the account as “suspended”.

Rather than put up with this nonsense any longer, I’ve decided to open a new site and abandon Catsworld1.  One reason I’ve done this is the “Bring him to justice” series.  The  Toronto media hasn’t covered the police search for this man, George Flowers, and I’ve been told I’m the only one writing about this.  The man in question is wanted for aggravated sexual assault – he’s been HIV positive since 1996 but never told any of his partners.  I know several people he dated, some of whom have since tested positive, so I have personal interest in seeing him off the streets.  Over the next day or so, I will be reposting this series, using the original dates so you can see the continuity.  I’ll also be posting “Turn where??”, which was Freshly Pressed last month.

Welcome to anewcatsworld.


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