Bring him to justice – echos from the past

DATE: Aug 26

Over the past two weeks I have written two postings using the title “Bring him to justice” highlighting a Public Safety Alert issued by the Toronto Police Service regarding one George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”.  He is wanted for aggravated sexual assault because, according to the alert, he was diagnosed HIV positive in 1996, but neglected to mention this fact to his sexual partners.

I have spoken with some of the people he was intimate with and they all say approximately the same thing: That is, in some cases, if their own diagnosis of being HIV positive hasn’t caused enough stress and disruption of their lives, they  now  find themselves reliving the feelings they experienced upon receiving this diagnosis as a result of the publicity surrounding the alert.  Before you accuse me of adding to their stress, I gave them the opportunity to read my previous postings and approve them before they went up, as I did with this one.  That I did so is unusual for me, but since this is such a sensitive topic for some of these people, I felt it necessary.

I’m going to finish this piece as I finished the second piece: If you know George Flowers, also known as “Mr Flowas”, if you know where he is, please, I urge you to do a lot of women in his life, past, present and future a huge favour and turn him in.  You can report his whereabouts anonymously and, should you choose to file a report with the police, that too can be done without your name becoming known.  And here is the link to the Public Safety Notice:   I urge you to contact the officers named at the bottom of the release if you have any information, or if you wish to file your own report.


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